Exhibition desire lines

Desire Lines 19.04.-12.05 2013
Selected Series 2008-2013

Kubin-Haus Zwickledt, Wernstein OÖ

At his living and working place, where Alfred Kubin used to create most of his 
remarkable drawings and prints, it is really a honour for artists to be a guest 
at this house and show one's own work. At the exhibition "Desire Lines" are 6 
series (some in fragments) of the last 5 years on display: Auf weißen Strassen, 
Mutationen, Euroadriatic 2010, Duke + So Much more, meine kapsel and Konzept der 
Auflösung. Travelling, modells of existence, deconstruction; to unterstand or
even get new perceptions and (at least) temporare solutions -
trying to understand manners and habits and why people create sometimes such 
strange habitas (Mutationen, Euroadriatic 2010), also exotic pieces of architecture 
like the czech rondocubism (Konzept der Auflösung).
The exhibition is open until 12. May 2013.
Opening hours: Tue - Thu: 10–12, 14–16 Fr: 9–12, 17–19 
Sa, Su, holidays: 14–17 
Monday  closed
For those who like to listen about the Kubin-Haus and the exhibition (in german!):

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